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Important Consumer Information about Air Conditioner Tune-ups

Having your air-conditioner serviced annually is an important responsibility that all Connecticut homeowners should take seriously. A system that is installed and maintained properly, will provide years of reliable comfort at an economical cost. Those systems that are not, may lead to premature failure resulting in expensive repairs or replacements.


Digital Tune-Ups, Now Available!

A technician equipped with new digital analysis tools can provide a much more accurate and meaningful assessment of your air-conditioning system. These new tools can pinpoint charge and airflow problems, meaning the repairs they perform, can actually help make you more comfortable and save money.

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Norwalk Residents - Your Help is Needed

The Norwalk through Greenwich corridor is particularly vulnerable to electrical shortages. Having your system “tuned-up” or even upgraded to a higher efficiency unit is essential. Please contact one of our participating “Digital Tune-up” contractors to schedule an appointment.

Quick Facts

  • 50% of consumer’s do not have regular maintenance performed on their Central A/C systems.
  • 70% of residential systems surveyed in Connecticut have inadequate airflow.
  • 29% of residential systems are overcharged.
  • 31% of residential systems are undercharged.
  • The average residential system is performing at 85% of it’s rated capacity and efficiency.


The graph below shows recent loads on the Norwalk transmission lines. The graph shows heavy air conditioning use, and that the actual usage is far outpacing what local utilities anticipated having to supply (You can see live data at

The difference between the two is almost 100 megawatts, or the amount of the electricity generated by a typical generating facility. Usage patterns like this will likely result in shortages if anything goes wrong.

A simple tune-up can lower your air-conditioning usage by an average of 11%. If everyone in Norwalk had their systems tuned using this new digital technology, this power curve would be a full 10% or more lower.

Norwalk hourly loads
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