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Get-Cool HVAC Pocket Analyzer


  • Enterprise class software that allows technicians to rapidly and consistently analyze running system performance. RunsOnStyleTap88x31
  • Uses powerful industry-standard methods and formulas to perform a matrix of simultaneous evaluations illustrating system performance.E2_wsoftware
  • Calculates Superheat, Subcooling, Condensing Temperature over Ambient (head), Evaporating Temperature, Approach, Airflow and the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of the system.
  • Compares collected data to expected target results based on performance models.
  • Allows the technician to select from several pre-defined performance models, or use actual OEM’s actual performance data for a near perfect system analysis.
  • Uses ASHRAE formulas to calculate Psychrometric Properties. Uses Mass Flow formulas for


    determining coil capacities.
  • Uses ANSI/AHRI Standard 540 compressor performance formulas for compressor refrigerant modeling.

Demonstration of the software by Jim Bergman:

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