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  • Calculates key system performance indicators:
    • Subcooling
    • Condensing Temperature Over Ambient (Head Temp) - CTOA
    • Approach
    • CTOA Goal
    • Superheat
    • Evaporating Temperature Goal
    • Air Psychrometrics:
      • Volume
      • Density
      • Enthalpy
      • Dew Point
      • Apparatus Dew Point
  • Checks for “Un-physical” inputs to help the technician from making Garbage-in, Garbage-out mistakes
  • Compares Indicators to a System Performance Model.
    • Several predefined models available
    • Technician can modify/improve performance models with actual OEM data!
    • Model calculates/converts Lennox Approach into Subcooling automatically
  • Calculates System Capacity
    • Uses Refrigerant Compressor Maps to calculate model performance goals
    • Calculates system capacity using Air Mass Flow and change in Enthalpy calculations (corrects for altitude)
  • Calculates System Efficiency
  • Provides simple forms for data inputs (collected by technician)
  • Provides multiple report screens for visual indication of system performance
  • Registered version allows the saving and reviewing of tested system data
  • Data can be uploaded to an MS Access Database (Palm only)
  • Reads data directly from Testo 556/560 using IR print button on the Testo tool
  • Allows for objective consistent results - every time, no matter what tools you use
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