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Pocket PC’s


Most (if not all) touch-screen Windows (mobile OS) based handhelds will work with StyleTap installed as a Palm emulator. You don’t need the latest or greatest Pocket-PC either. Older or discontinued P-PC’s will also work just fine. The point is you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the handheld computer to use this software. You can find more information about Pocket PC’s at:

Finding Palm Hand-held Computers

Goggle is your friend! If you have any corporate clients, ask them if they have any old fleets of Palms. Amazon is also a good source for used and refurbished Palms.

List of Palm Hand-held Computers

Palm OS Handheld  Supported
Acer S50, S60 Yes
AlphaSmart Dana Yes
Garmin iQue 3600, 3600a, 3200, 3000 Yes
Group Sense PDA Xplore G18, G88, M28, M68, M70, M98 Yes
Handera 330 Yes
Handspring Treo (600/300/270/180/90) Yes
Handspring Visor (all models, except Edge) Yes
Handspring Visor Edge No
IBM Workpad c3, 20x, 30x, c500, c505 Yes, but slow
IBM Workpad  No
Janam XP20, XP30 Yes
Kyocera QCP-6035, QCP-7135 Yes
Legend Group Pam 168 Yes
Lenovo p100, p300 (Chinese) No
Palm / palmOne LifeDrive Yes
Palm / palmOne Treo (600/300/280/270/180/90) Yes
Palm / palmOne Treo (755p/700p/680/650) Yes
Palm / palmOne Tungsten (T3/T2/T/C/W) Yes
Palm / palmOne Tungsten (T5/E2) Yes
Palm Centro Yes
Palm i705 handheld Yes
Palm IIIc/IIIx/IIIe/IIIxe handheld Yes, but slow
Palm m100/m105 handheld Yes, but slow
Palm m125/m130 handheld Yes, but slow
Palm m500/m505/m515 handheld Yes, but slow
Palm Pilot 1000,5000, Personal, Professional No
Palm Pilot III handheld Yes
Palm Tungsten (T3/T2/T/C/W) Yes
Palm TX Yes
Palm V/Vx handheld Yes, but slow
Palm VII/VIIx handheld Yes, but slow
Palm Zire 71 Yes
Qool QDA 700 Yes
Qualcomm pdQ 800, pDQ 1900 Yes
Samsung SPH-(i300, i330, i500, i550), SGH-i530, SCH-i539 Yes
Sony CLIE PEG-N Series (all models, N770/760/750/710/700/615/610/600...) Yes
Sony CLIE PEG-NR Series (all models, NR70/70V...) Yes
Sony CLIE PEG-NX Series (all models, NX60/70V/73V/80V...) Yes
Sony CLIE PEG-NZ Series (all models, NZ90...) Yes
Sony CLIE PEG-S Series (all models, S500/360/320/300...) Yes
Sony CLIE PEG-SJ Series (all models, SJ20/22/30/33...) Yes
Sony CLIE PEG-SL Series (all models, SL10...) Yes
Sony CLIE PEG-T Series (all models, T400/415/425/600/615/625/650/665...) Yes
Sony CLIE PEG-TG Series (all models, TG50...) Yes
Sony CLIE PEG-TH Series (all models, TH55...) Yes
Sony CLIE PEG-TJ Series (all models, TJ37/35/27/25...) Yes
Symbol SPT 1500/1550 Series Yes, but slow
Symbol SPT 1700/1800 Series Yes, but slow
Tapwave Zodiac 1,2 Yes
Treo Treo 90, 180, 180g, 270, 300, 600, 650 Yes
TRG TRGpro Yes, but slow
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